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ACADEMIC BALLERS is an app for academic High School Baseball and Softball Players to post videos and share performance metrics to get noticed by college coaches

Easy To Use

Post videos like you do on Twitter.

Enter Your Metrics

You can enter your metrics without having to go to expensive 3rd party services

Keep Updated

Track your favorite colleges so you can keep track of what's going on and what the coaches are saying

Get Noticed

Coaches will be able to easily find your videos based on the performance metrics they are looking for

Why Will Coaches Use The App?

It's Free

Most tools and databases for college coaches cost a lot.  Additionally, they don't often have the extra staff to help get the most out of the systems

Natural Search

Try searching Twitter for a Utility player that can play 3rd base is the class of 2026 and can throw mid 80's

Easily Watch Videos

Once the coaches have found a list of players that match their criteria they can then easily watch all of the videos the players have posted

Categorize Players

Now that they have found you we provide them with tools to categorize players, make notes and continue to track them


Coaches can communicate to both wide audiences and one-on-one conversations all while making sure they are keeping to the NCAA guidelines


Our AI assistant helps coaches remember who and when to talk to or request additional videos and information 

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