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Academic Ballers

Pitching Metrics Combine

Before going to a major showcase event or to a camp where your dream schools are going to be, get measured then get a plan

Who Wants Our Data

Every coach has FREE access to your Academic Ballers App Data.  Coaches from the conferences below (42 and counting) have specifically requested access to the data

Why Our Metrics Showcase


Every college that has a baseball or softball program has FREE access to all of the data within the Academic Ballers App.

Certified Metrics

The showcase utilizes Rapsodo 2.0 Pitching to record over 10 different metrics

The App

Your certified metrics are added to your FREE Twitter-like app.  On the app you can continue to post videos, self-report metrics, select your favorite colleges- which we alert when you post


Thanks to a small group of supporters who believe in our ability to utilize technology to lower the cost of "getting recruited" we can drastically reduce the cost of Showcases



- Free Academic Ballers App

- Rapsodo Metrics

- 1 hour duration



- All in basic

- 4k video at 60fps

8220 England St, Charlotte, NC 28273
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